Rooted in Love.

Deep roots are worth it.

Hi, I'm Kellie.

I believe faith, grace, forgiveness, hope and love have a name - Jesus.
I am a forever newlywed, mother, daughter and laugher.
I love tea.
I am new to the blogging world and I find it facinating that one can read the diary of my life at the click of a button. I am a real woman with real womanly desires, hopes and dreams. I talk about real life.
I am rooted in love.

You are knot.

Yes, I am Kellie & I am rooted in love.
The problem: most women & mothers (like myself) don't belive that they are capable of being rooted in love - insecurity wins sometimes.
One solution: We must be rooted in love anyway.
This blog exists as a personal outlet for creativity & reflection. It exists to encourage. It exists as a reminder of what really matters in life.